Comment: Romney/Ryan also voted for K-Street and TARP.....

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Romney/Ryan also voted for K-Street and TARP.....

Romney and Ryan, the two stooges also voted for K-Street three times.
They voted in favor of the government bailouts, four times.
And most disgraceful of all, they voted in favor of TARP as well as the Federal Education bill more than three times in a row.

If you didn't tell, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's voting record are among the worst in the entire congress.

As if any help was needed on that end to support their crimes either way already.

With it being early in this election season, all I can say is I pray for a miracle and let the court filings begin. No matter what occurs, the Paul delegation needs to fiercely battle this out in court; show up and be loudly heard.

If this thing is turned around, at least we'll be able to offer a mighty roar towards Obama and scare him. Even if there is zero chance Paul would ever win, we owe it to ourselves to take complete control of the GOP and leave them smacked on their ass.

You do not know the political statement it would make, to have the last true commies booted from the GOP. It would at least make Obama so scared, he would never underestimate us again when he steals it.