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Comment: Three things: Stein and Johnson are mediocre....

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Three things: Stein and Johnson are mediocre....

Stein is a full fledged Democrat, who truly believes in a top-down society. (Check her voting record where she supported bank take-over)

Johnson, is likewise a lukewarm democrat because he supports privatization of lands and Indian Lands.

#3: It's not over UNTIL its over.

Rocky Anderson is the only viable candidate on the ballot. We will definitely be voting for Rocky. He is a straight laced non-party hack and has voted to reduce taxes his entire tenure, pretty much as close to good as it gets.

While he may not win, he could get a distant 2nd place and that would sure send them packing. A perfect dream team would be Ron Paul & Rocky Anderson, if he was willing and ready for one last parting shot!