Comment: We also have one other thing to contend with, on these polls....

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We also have one other thing to contend with, on these polls....

If we reverse it, and the media is admitting we could reverse it, then if we don't stop the sails underneath the other guy we will see Ron Paul actually finish in third place.

Here's how that works:
At the convention we pull out all stops, tug the rope and nominate Paul. Paul accepts.

The establishment already figured it'd happen.
They don't care anymore, will send Obama on the attack and steal votes.

Meanwhile, the establishment is giddy because they have taken over the libertarian party while we took over GOP.

They now have nearly ALL the Republicans following Gary Johnson, ready to vote for him in all 50 states. Losing the libertarian party is to me more dangerous than losing of GOP.

Because Johnson's ads are so suave, 40% of the electorate has been deceived. They don't know about Johnson's support of the bank takeover, the takeover of Casinos, Federal Government grants and all the times Johnson has been in court for taxes based fraud.

Therefore, the establishment can push Gary Johnson everywhere as a *real* conservative....steal the spotlight from Ron Paul, and allow Johnson to finish either in first place or directly behind Obama.

Then, here comes round two:
Either Gary Johnson or Obama winds up President of the United States. As C.E.O they are now instructed to tell everyone we have a new Federal Reserve system, one based on collateral, much nicer, bla bla bla bla.(Insert drama of aliens land, everyone takes unlimited microchip cards & some other rope a dope so that they can keep the Federal Reserve running to do 'good things' & 1 world currency)

And Gary Johnson becomes the new face of your liberty movement.
Ron Paul is now marginalized because everyone thinks the Federal Reserve is over. They are not told that the taxes now continue.
(This could really happen, if people don't expose the truth..)

Suddenly no one recognizes the threat of the 666 SSN system, all the problems with unlimited credit or fraudulent money and traveling in outer space either.

Thwarting us, Federal Reserve disappears from the headlines..
Means we land right back at square one, knowing that we need to close down the Fed except millions have been put back to sleep.