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Gary Johnson supports a 23% excise tax....

Get the picture?
That's a 20% increase for national sales tax.
Most Republicans are not even aware that he supports and voted for that to begin with, this is on a small scale.

Furthermore, what can any President do by executive order?

We know Gary Johnson will absolutely not end the Fed. He will allow it to morph and evolve into something else, support the global tax, takeovers etc and global corporations.

Lauding in the system of the anti-god christ...which you know that most people are going to believe is a good thing.

On the opposite angle, we know Ron Paul will end the Fed, throw Obama in jail for a few months and that's it. Some prosecution, fines & a totally new financial system as far as he'll make silver legal tender again. He will do it by passing several decrees for legalized competing currency: His first executive order would repeal all legal tender law.

Therefore we know ahead of time he will actually end the legal basis for a Federal Reserve. This is why he won't be allowed in the debates with Obama, that and "ending" their piggy bank won't generate profits for ex: healing technology companies. It will be kept as Johnson vs Obama, and for unknown reasons we will hear a plane crash.

They do not want to ever see Ron Paul up there debating Obama....something to ponder. We need to do something about it & push Johnson aside, because anything goes this election.