Comment: how much does the CFR pay you

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how much does the CFR pay you

to come here and shill for their shill? Johnson was in the GOP as the anti-Paul they feared a 3rd party run and moved him to the LP to block that a move which got his CFR handler Doug Turner a promotion in the CFR. GJ is less convincing than Bob Barr and yet claims to have been libertarian for over 10 years. His record is neocon his advisors are neocons. His rhetoric is slowly being tuned to be almost libertarian of course you have to ignore the flip flops to believe it and that's harder than mittens cause he's flipped even more. He still supports "humanitarian wars" has no clue what the non aggression principle is, Loves the FED and is blowing smoke on everything else. Tell me about his record the real one. How many non violent potheads did he pardon? Oh how about how much Federal money he spent? Maybe you're a true believer but you have been had. Go look up Ronald Reagan's campaign rhetoric and what he actually did. GJ is the CFR's tool to neo-con the LP like they did the GOP, with the help of the Koch funded "libertarians. Think about that a minute what kind of libertarians do you think are funded by the guys who funded the co-opting of the tea party?