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Oh I agree

that could be the case. I just find it fishy that all the evil shootings took place days before the UN gun ban treaty. All mass shootings seem that way. Virginia Tech, Columbine, Oklahoma City, ext.

I think mine was not so much logical as what could be a factual fallacy. I am open to whoever brings to me a stronger case. If this dude is genuinely crazy, it shows the need for more liberal self defense laws. Either way, what happened was super bad and the loss of life is horrendous. I am not closed minded like other conspiracy guys. I go off what I know as facts and come to a conclusion. My conclusion maybe wrong. I am not perfect.

The argument was he was not sedated before arrest. If people are arguing that, it is a losing battle. It is openly admitted that he was taking psychotropic drugs. Those drugs can cause seizures. They could of caused him to OD. He had a seizure when he walked out of the theater according to reports.

We are going off of historical precedent with the drugging. Hitler drugged up some dupe and had him blamed for the burning the Reichstag and also drugged up another dupe to provoke war with Poland. This was all admitted in the Nuremburg Trials. What Nazi Germany did, the United States government can also do. I put nothing above these crooks.

I want your arguments to succeed Mark. That is why I pointed that out. I am not a jerk. The DP has tons of people who think they are logic incarnate, but commit logical fallacies all the time. Ironically, logical fallacies are committed the most by people who worship 'Reason'.

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