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If Israel were to decide to attack Iran, we would not be hearing about it in the news.

Rather, we would wake up one morning and hear on the morning news that Israel had launched an attack.

That written people need to understand a number of things:

- The Iranian Supreme Leader has repeatedly made statements making it clear that Iran wants to see Israel wiped off the map. Bluff? Not realistic?

- Hizbollah's leader recently made a statement declaring that once Iran had a nuclear weapon Israel would be wiped off the map. Not realist? Bluff?

- If the Israelis do launch an attack on Iran, it could well result in a long and protracted regional war. Do people honestly believe that is something that the Israelis want to do?

So, what is going on?

IMHO the war talk is designed to impress upon Iran that it needs to come to the table and negotiate seriously with the view to resolving matters diplomatically. So far, Iran has been simply stalling for time while it presses ahead with its effort to develop nuclear weapons and the necessary delivery capability.

Some additional points:

- A lot of people seem to believe that whether Iran has a nuclear weapon or not is not our concern. That would be true, but for the reality that roughly 40% of the world's oil supply passes through the Straits of Hormuz. As such, if Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons it could effectively have a stranglehold on the world economy.

- If Iran does acquire a nuclear weapon, that opens up the night mare scenario of a suitcase bomb ending up in the terrorist group and we wake up one morning as a mushroom cloud rises up over one of our major cities. Will that happen?

- The sad part of all of this is that Iran, Israel and the U.S. are natural allies.

The Carter administration made a terrible mistake when it decided to interfere in Iran's affairs and support the overthrow of the Shah by Iranian revolutionaries who were lead by the fundamental religious leaders. We should have left well enough alone, but instead the thinking was, if we overthrow the Shah, this will lead to a pluralistic democracy. Instead what we ended up doing is helping to overthrow a secular authoritarian Government, and replacing that administration with a Government that is controlled by an autocratic fundamentalist theocrat with a Parliament whose elected representative have very limited authority, comprised of representatives, many of whom are theocrats, such that people's individual liberty is even more severely prescribed than it was under the Shah and dissenters are brutally punished.

The Bush/Obama administration made the same mistake when it was decided to interfere in Egypt's affairs and support the overthrow of Mubarak. The result is that the Muslim Brotherhood, who has declared war on the United States is now in control through its political arm.

In turn, because of Iran's enhanced influence due to our removing Sadam Hussein from power in Iraq and driving the Taliban out of Afghanistan, the Bush/Obama administration has embarked on a policy that has resulted in a proxy war developing between the Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs in Syria.

We need to return to a policy of peace through strength, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of other nations unless we need to do so to protect our national security interests.

Okay, end of rant.