Comment: I tried to pursuade GJ about a winning strategy 8 months ago

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I tried to pursuade GJ about a winning strategy 8 months ago

back in the end of December when GJ had called a press conference in New Mexico for an "important announcement" and the rumor was that he would switch parties and run Libertarian for President.

You gotta remember that this was during the time when Paul was ahead in the polls to win the Iowa Caucuses and the most vicious anti-Paul attacks were popping up all over the place.

I didn't want Gary Johnson to make such a move at that pivotal moment, creating a divide in the liberty movement right when we needed to be unified, and giving our detractors an example of what they were so sure all liberty candidates will eventually do; run a "spoiler campaign" and split the vote and "let the Dems win". The press had insinuated this about Paul for a while already, which was easy since Paul had run Libertarian in 1988; showing in retrospect that it was a very big mistake for Paul to have made.

Since I had met Governor Johnson three times before, once when I was running for State Legislature in 2010 (as a Republican), I thought that he might remember me, so I took it upon myself to contact him. I left 2 phone messages and sent a very specifically worded email asking him to consider running for US Senate instead, as a Republican to avoid the accusation of "divisiveness" or "sour grapes".

I even made up a Facebook fan page to "Draft Gary Johnson for US Senate" and got a few people to also write or call Governor Johnson with the same request. One of my state's Republican legislators liked my idea enough to send an email to Gary as well.

It was a no-brainer to me.

Gary could run in the open Senate race in his home state of NM where he is still highly regarded, take over a seat from the Democrats in a winnable election (swaying even the blindly partisan Republicans that we can "help the party" instead of harm it), go on to fight for our principles in the US Senate (where a few liberty Senators would determine most vote outcomes if the chamber is close to 50-50 party split next year) and be in a great position to run for President in 2016 with more support than Paul had this time.

That was a lot more possible than winning the Presidency as a third party candidate with a shoestring campaign budget and a divided liberty vote in most states where RP would be either written in or on the ballot under another third party (Constitution or American Independent).

I even added "at least wait until we see how much of the vote you win in New Hampshire next month to show what support you really have". I tried everything I could think of.

It was all to no avail.

Mr Johnson never responded to my requests, went out and shot himself in the foot politically and divided our movement in the short term this year. They merely put me on his email list of supporters, which is pretty frustrating, since even my statist congressman and Senators reply with at least a "thanks for giving your input" response from an actual person on their staff.

My point is that Gary Johnson had a chance to WIN a winnable race that would help him accomplish his ultimate goals in DC, but he didn't seem to even consider the possibility.

I do wish him well, but I wonder about his wisdom when he makes a decision with such bad timing and predictably bad consequences.