Comment: A reluctant President

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A reluctant President

Dr. Paul's attitude this run has struck me as similar to Washington's; I know I'm needed to run the country, I have no political aspirations to do so but if called upon I will serve. While I don't doubt that he would not advocate pursuing the nomination, if his name were put into nomination I doubt he would fight it, or if he could. What makes all of this a crap shoot to me is that we're not dealing with a typical power hungry politician, we're dealing with a very honest man who is content with dropping out of a public role (but not out of the public eye) and I believe would serve if called upon.

My hope is that our wonderful delegates stir things up at the convention, not raising hell but letting the country know that there's a significant faction today that is not satisfied with the Republican establishment and is willing to fight. If that means fighting their bound status, organizing to put Dr. Paul's name into nomination, etc. so be it - this could be an early shot in the Revolution.

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