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Comment: The RNC has hotels for each state

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The RNC has hotels for each state

Delegates should stay with their state because there are going to be information, meetings, and events for each state. If there are any changes made to a scheduled vote, if you are not at your designated hotel, you can't depend on others to to seek you out to make sure you got the news.

I think this is great onfo for Ron Paul supporters who are not delegates, but if you are a delegate, and you are not staying with your state in the RNC hotel, you might find you made a huge mistake and become very pissed off that you did not get the information that you needed for something because the RNC told the hotel, or the chair for the state made a decision that morning, within the state hotel only.

Remember, the GOP is fighting us, playing dirty tricks all the way, so the last thing you want to do as a delegate is set yourself up by not staying with your state.