Comment: Don't be discouraged...

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Don't be discouraged... the confusing comments of Benton. What he said was literally true. Ron Paul will not seek a nomination from the floor. I think that he intends to do something never done by a candidate before, that is I think he intends to ask his delegates to nominate someone else from the floor entirely. Someone who hasn't competed in this primary, and did not because of a deal not to take away Tea Party votes from Ron in exchange for Ron's explicit support should a brokered convention be possible. Said person would, then, offer VP to Rand for first refusal.

Do you know who? Romney knows who, and he knows it's a threat. Which has much to do with why he is going after Paul delegations, trying to deny Paul a 5 state plurality while also leaving Santoram alone; who also has a 5 state plurality. There is no way that any candidate who lost to Romney in the primary could take the nomination away from him even in a brokered convention, for if he doesn't already have 1144 delegates yet, he's close & there would be enough unbound delegates who would vote for him on the first round to put him over the top. The only way to beat Romney now is to offer a completely different option.