Comment: Who exactly is hampering trade?

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Who exactly is hampering trade?

The Navy? I don't think so. The Navy is there to ensure Freedom of Navigation for all nations. So, an embargo then. Well, except that the Navy isn't enforcing trade sanctions against Iran. Iran is absolutely free to trade with anyone willing to trade with them. America isn't, and we've convinced several other nations not to either, but no one is stopping them. Just ask the Chinese.

The ships deployed to the Persian Gulf, while a credible force, are not "Death" ships (and stop capitalizing death, it makes you look stupid) out to terrorize civilian populations. Who in the Gulf is terrorized? Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, and to a lesser extent the UAE and Oman have military ties to the US. They all have economic ties to us. So Iran then. Except they don't act very scared, they constantly threaten US ships and send out their own navy to harrass ours. The facts do not support your narrative.