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By putting Gj on the stage distracts from the obvious connections obama and romney have and the one party system they both represent, that GJ is a part of.
GJ is a distraction and must not be allowed to enter the race or the debate stage.
He misleads Americans into thinking there is a third choice, which we all know there is not.
GJ has no support and no organization.
Just a few outside trolls who want to divide and confuse.
GJ speaks to confused liberals and is not conservative.
he is not prolife, nor will he end the fed.
He is not versed in monetary policy and has no idea what balancing a budget looks like.
His supporters claim he balanced NM budget but this was done on the backs of federal taxpayers and nothing more.
NM RECEIVES $2.45 for every $1.00 they send in. Thats 250% cash to play with! A 17 yo Paul supporter could balance the budget with that
much play.
GJ is a mislead. He is part of the same corrupt system, just a different side of the rotten faces it holds.
GJ is the lib side of BIG government. GJ is no differnet then BO or MR, just has a different delivery. GJ is for MORE humanitarian intervention over seas, which Paul is rabidly AGAINST. GJ wants to "get out of Afghanistan NOW!" but leave BASES OPEN and functioning behind that we man and finacially support.
GJ runs his campaigns in debt. This is a losing strategy. He will leave the stage owing millions of dollars to innocent staffers and inkeepers that gave his campaign credit expecting to be paid back.
Paul would NEVER leave the stage owing anyone money.
Besides, GJ is pro ABORTION and one can never be considered a "liberty" candidate when they ignore governments most precious mandate: to protect innocent life where ever it may be found.
How can one believe in protecting liberty but not life?

GJ is a mislead and is not smart enough to get between BO or MR on stage.
Only Ron Paul can debate them and WIN.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016