Comment: what the what?

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what the what?

what a big bunch of confusing signals.
Benton says RP doesn't want to rock the boat and seek nomination.
Why on earth does RP want people to come down to Tampa to hold signs?
They better be going there to make a difference and change that old establishment around.

This is not critical in a negative way - I have always supported since 2007 .... however, so many differing messages coming forth.

If RP just wants another feel good rally - ya, that can be done. Everyone will preach to the choir - everyone will feel good after all said and done. What will it accomplish? Maybe it will continue some to stay on fire and add some to the fold...

You know the media is not going to care - they will pat him on the back and say - wasn't that nice of the GOP to throw a bone to good old Dr Paul by making a controlled/censored video about him. Thank you for your interviews - your supporters brought us good ratings - we never agree with you - now, just go back to your private life, we have a NWO to establish.

That is what needs to be interfered with - exactly that agenda.
Needs to be interrupted and turned around. If not this year - most likely never will.