Comment: 2nd Mass, 2nd Amendment

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2nd Mass, 2nd Amendment

The "democracy" thing was far from the worst bit of that episode. These people live in a reality where skitters could come running down the hall at any moment, or little alien creatures that can burrow through steel could just show up right in their room, and they just give up their guns? I don't think so. Right then and there it should have been "Thanks, but no thanks, we'll keep our guns and be on our way." That's what happens though when writers want to include a scene (the "gather up all of the now-helpless members of the 2nd Mass. and lock 'em up" scene) in the story and they force it no matter how implausible their set up. The saddest aspect is that they seem to be trying to show how political self-interest often trumps what's right and how government can be tyranny, but they are doing such a hatchet job of it.