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James - Polls / Money


I see you've started a new Poll thread here:

And changed the info again for a 4th+ time?

"Poll#1 resullts were published on 11 Aug 12.
Poll#2 is funded and ready to be launched on 15 Aug.
with results on 17 Aug.
Poll#3 needs to be funded by 22 Aug to have results
on 24 Aug."

You posted several times poll #2 was conducted on 8/7/12.
You now state it will be launched 8/15/12.

***I think since you are using other people's money, you should get input on whether or not to do any more polls, if so how many and when, or give refunds.***

Why does the information keep changing?

And why do you keep making unilateral decisions/changes AFTER people contributed when the plans were something else?

I see you now have poll #3 to be funded by 8/22 when you had just moved that deadline to 8/20 from 8/14.

I recall you stating a turn-around needed 10 days. Now you are down to 2 days.


I don't think much has changed to re-do poll #2, or do a poll #3.

I don't think an additional $5k for polls 2 and 3 will help RP, and could hurt him/us.

I think people should get a refund.