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I've said this before.

My take is, "the right to keep and bear arms" means any man-portable weapon system, which means *every* rifle in existence, as well as machine guns, submachine guns, and other weapons up to and including rocket and grenade launchers. In fact, at the beginning of the Revolution, the citizens of Massachusetts (so different from today!) were not only armed with muskets, they were also collectively armed with CANNONS.

Heck, you can legally buy older model TANKS today for a decent-sized wad of money. An Abrams it ain't, but an M60 or a Stuart can still lay a hurtin' on just about anything. I personally think that the states should reinstate and re-arm their militias, complete with aircraft and armored vehicles.

A nuke, on the other hand, should not even be possessed by governments. Their very existence is an abomination, and they can't be used without murdering thousands or millions of noncombatants. Same goes for things like nerve gas.