Comment: The Real Problem

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The Real Problem

My fellow commenters.
Ron Paul's record is impeccable. His actions speak of integrity, wisdom and individual justice. What we need is what the man intends to bring. That is our individual liberties which allow us to grow; to learn; and to prosper. The establishment intends to make you believe that it will take care of you, and take care of you it will. This is the same establishment that would like to see you and ninety five percent of the rest of us dead. If you cannot recognize what all of this means when it is before your eyes then please go back to sleep. We of the Daily Paul have a lot of ground work to do. It doesn't matter what your perception is of Ron Paul fans. What matters is that we are fighting for the truth and some accountability from the people we pay to protect our freedoms. Those are the people of the establishment who will, believe it or not, continue to lie and to spit in our faces. We are the sheeple to them and those of us taking action against them would do well to have your company. When you see the truth of our predicament you will have no further options but to convert. Ron Paul is and has told the truth. The establishment clowns only serve to pander and deceive us. These are facts. Peace!