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Pasture fed chickens are cheap to keep. Just add water.

The eggs are a complete protein plus essential fatty acids and nearly all the essential vitamins.

They are a good source of minerals if it's in the soil. Certain gravels are a good source of minerals. Wood ashes are pure plant mineral. Add to soil.

Use sea salt and cut it with wood ashes. See salt contains all the trace minerals. Wood ashes are cheap. Salt does not affect blood pressure and is needed to produce the stomach acids that will tear down the glutens and complex proteins into amino acids that can be safely used by the intestines.

Grey or white hair or varicose veins, wrinkles or stroke are a warning of copper deficiency. Hd a stroke went to hospital and it cost insurance company $20,000. All the warnings of copper deficiency are obvious just looking at me. Twenty doctors did. Instead they seemed to think I had a statin deficiency.

I fully recovered and then got Dr. Wallach's "Rare Earths Forbidden Cures". Smoking depletes the bodies copper stores.

High blood pressure, cramps and twitches are a calcium deficiency.

Cardio myoapathy (heart attack) is a selenium deficiency.

Asthma is a magnesium, manganese and essential fatty acid deficiency. Eggs are good.

Jerry Lewis was fired for his Telethon after Dr. Wallach sent him information on how he had cured Muscular Dystophy with selenium supplementation.

Prostrate or cancer problems are a selenium deficiency. Proven in 1912. Thyroid issues are an iodine and selenium deficiency.

The poorest people in the world use seafood or wood ashes and clays to live to 100 or beyond.

Average age of Medical Doctors is 56. I'll visit the doctors for trauma. Nothing else.

Of course, I am guessing what your health issues might be. Titanium implants or staples have killed friends and are killing friends now. Doctors say they are inert a prescribe morphine even though it down't work.

Whatever your issue I'd wager it could be cleared up by the November election on the cheap. Getting healthy is easier if you are too poor for medical care. Especially with the information that is out there today.

Free includes debt-free!