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There is no way you can tell these people anything

They just simply refuse to pay attention and therefore keep spreading their fear over this site about how we have to vote for Romney on the first round if we are bound to him. The only thing I have to do is die and pay taxes. I am a Delegate to the National Convention. I will have to pay $1800 for a freaking motel room with my state got for me, had no choice in the matter, and that $1800 is just the tip of the iceberg as far as expenses go. And if anyone thinks I am going to spend that kind of money to go down there and kiss Romney's rear end then they best think again. I will vote RP first ballot even if they handcuff me and lead me out of there. Now for all of you fear people who have no guts, you can tell me what you think I should do but I have just told you what I am going to do. Do you people honestly think that a Delegate is going to lay down a wad of his own money after going through hell to even get down there in the first place to just end up voting for Romney? If you do then you are living in a fantasy world.