Comment: And McChrystal Wants Draft Reinstated

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And McChrystal Wants Draft Reinstated

As the article states: "...after eleven years, more than four-hundred billion dollars spent and two thousand Americans dead, this is what we’ve built: a deeply dysfunctional, predatory Afghan state that seems incapable of standing on its own—even when we’re there."

I haven't heard much from pro-war OBAMA and ROMNEY on General McChrystal's recommendation that we REINSTATE THE DRAFT. McChrystal said "the burdens of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven't been properly shared across the U.S. population..." ( In BLOOD and PHYSICAL INJURIES he's right. But where did the FOUR HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS come from (some of which is in private Afghani bank accounts?). Well, actually we DIDN'T pay for that. The federal government BORROWED it, what pro-war RYAN hopes the CURRENT GENERATION might pay back in THIRTY YEARS.


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