Comment: I happen to like my Tea party

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I happen to like my Tea party

While we don't agree on everything, there are things we do agree on, like Constitutional Sheriffs, which my sheriff is one, and the Tea Party hosts fundraisers and events for the Constitutional Sheriffs. They have sign waves at the court house where they pass out the Constitution and work to educate people on the Constitution.

The guys from WWII have a problem with Ron Paul's foreign policy. I tell them, "Do you know where Ron Paul got his foreign policy?" They say "No", so I tell them, Ron Paul's foreign policy is Thomas Jeffersons. That shuts them up.

So, I find we have a lot in common, and it's better to build bridges with what we agree on than what we don't.

Also, before Ron Paul rEVOLution had their tea party, I used to attend The Sons of Livberty and Redman's society tea parties on the Noyo River, where after flues and drums, and speaches about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we through crates marked "King George" into the Noyo shouting "Down with King George", whihc felt great when Bush was in office.