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This is exactly what I think!

This is exactly what I think! Why is everyone always bending over backwards to accomodate foriegners on our soil when we have no reciprical aggreements to give rights for our citizens in their countries? My young child was born in another country and has no citizenship or rights in that country; she can't buy land, get a job, start a business, or stay past a visit in that country ever. But their citizens, once in our country can do all of that and more. How is this good for our people and the world?

Just like you mentioned, if Mexico and other countries were opened up to freedom and rights of our citizens, think of all the jobs for us if we brought infrastructure, technology, know-how, and services to areas in which they were lacking. Think of all the jobs and growth for their people if new companies and opportunities flourished in their areas. It would be a win win situation. But noooo, everyone is always focused on how we've got to be the magnanamous ones, the better host...never the other way around.

Its either all propaganda to get us to flood our system with 3rd worlders used to authoritarian control and to get rid of the rugged individualist mentality we historically had or it is sheer stupidity to think we could survive and be better off with an invasion of 3rd worlders.

RP says that Rome declined because of overextension of empire and debasement of money... one component of Rome's decline was the settlement of tribes into Roman territories that diluted the Roman social fabric and system. If you get enough people from another culture on your turf...your turf essentially becomes theirs through cultural - as their majority culture becomes the norm. The culture of 3rd worlders is acceptance and apathy to authoritarian rule; utter corruption in every level of society, business, and transactions; disrespect of the individual, etc. We desperately need to cling onto our heritage of individualism and self-responsibility rather than succumb to the collectivist authoritarian acceptance of 3rd worlders. I have not seen any evidence that the transplants from the last 20 years have assimilated to our social creed; rather they have imported their political and social creed. Along with the bleeding hearts they have radically changed states and federal policies.