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I actually agree with most of what you're saying

...and think we're just talking around each other. If you'll re-review what I've posted so far, my point isn't that Paul and I disagree with the view - it's that we both disagree with it *at the moment* due to some issues we're dealing with...of our own devising, willful or not.

You are certainly correct about the other issues regarding banking, monetary policy, and taxes. And I myself make no claims one way or the other regarding immigrants here taking jobs as I need to look further into it to weigh my opinion - but our broken handling of foreign and entitlement policies are exacerbated by problems they themselves invite, causing myself and Paul to take our current view that the borders DO need to be secured and free movement regarding immigration to the US presently disallowed until we can resolve the security and entitlement situations appropriately (while not detracting from the fact that we have many other things to clean up as well).

So, I'm not arguing your core point - just the timely application of it. Be well, Mirek