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No I don't think so

Making a point , making it clearly to someone who interupted me at my house at 9:30 at night is exactly what I should have and did do!
People who proclaim to be "teaparty" people or who hire on to a telemarketing firm who was contracted out by the RNC or some PAC in order to co-opt Ideals and spew a pre-written script without knowing of what they are selling is not teaparty.
I told him like I tell everybody. Nobody but Paul! You mister solomon might have chosen to listen to his entire pre scripted line of crap and entered into a discussion but I for one am fed up with the daily Romney Mail, emails and phone calls from Team Romney/RNC wanting me to contribute. I maxed out my contributions to Dr Pauls campaign and they slapped me and you in the face by their cheating , shenanigans and fraud. No I won't reward them or debate them in my pajamas Mr solomon. see ya in Tampa