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People are still people, and Armery is an easy one to knock out of the ballpark as he never fought a war: "Why are you allowing someone represent you who wouldn't stand with you and join the service?" I ask them.

Instead of avoiding, the trick is to get in there and make your case. Sure, first they are reluctant, but eventually, they respect your determination and then then wind up agreeing with you.

They are grassroots, and by this time, we Ron Paul Republicans/supporters, are the best in that department, so offer up ideas... "Hey, let's buy some tea and relable it with our facebook page for the table when we have events!"

Wow good idea Granger.. well, I may not agree with Granger but at least she's trying...

They wind up coming around... maybe not 100%, but they also stop fighting you and start listening, now they tell me, they really like Ron Paul and it's too bad he can't win. So I say, "What do you mean he can't win? He is winning, you just keep listening to the same phoneys that never went to war but never saw a war they didn't love."