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Bust away Adam

These are all april 15th protests references. And They go back many years. Thats is not what I'm talking about. The so called TEAPARTY which rose to fame recently as a so called political force is what I'm talking about and is what that telemarketing guy was referring to. The event which gave it life was the Dec 16 2007. A staged event by DR Paul supporters ...FACT!
I guess you or the next blogger is going to say they were involved with the original Boston Tea Party in 1773. The point of the original blog(co-opted movement by Neo-Cons and other being uninformed ) was lost when the debate started and everyone wants to lay claim to be against taxes long before dec 16 2007.. WTF people...
Hey I don't like being unfairly taxed anymore than the next person, but I'm not claiming to have started or being involved in April 15th tax protests.
Oh I'm sorry Adam. You are actually the first man...How's Eve doin? haha