Comment: Poor people who live until 120 or more use wood ashes.

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Poor people who live until 120 or more use wood ashes.

No, I haven't tasted wood ashes except at scout camp. Years ago my son and I cooked steak directly on the hot coals of a hardwood fire. It was midnight but the steaks tasted great. There must have been wood ashes on both sides.

I used to use sea salt but switched to iodized salt. But I missed the sea salt. Was it a nutritional addiction, a body craving? The body has 'tells' when it is deficient but they are tricky to discern. Sometimes toxic addictions are false tells. It's tricky business for sure.

As for copper and other minerals I have been looking at these supplements Ultimate Selenium 90 Caps

In the mean time I stripped a foot of copper house wire and threw it in an clean gallon milk jug with distilled water harvested from the frost melt in the freezer. After it sets a while it takes on a greenish tinge. I have been using a squirt bottle on my varicose veins. I also drink a some.

Like colloidal silver my colloidal copper is anti-microbial.

It's an ongoing experiment but I don't want another stroke no matter how minor. Grey hair is not my thing either. Zinc and copper work together preventing copper overdose. I bought some zinc lozenges on sale. Now I am wondering about zinc dipped pails or watering cans.

I will be adding some wood ashes to a zinc plated watering can add water. Add enough vinegar(acid) to show neutral on litmus paper. I was going to use it to water the garden. But I wonder what it tastes like? I wonder if the chickens will be interested? I was wondering about Clair's fish ponds.

In the old days we washed with soaps made of wood ashes. Everyone back then knew what soap tasted like. Phil my farmer friend told me they used to put wood ashes in the garden. I take it he means his parents or grandparents used to.

The French smoke cigarettes like chimneys but they also cook in copper pots. Is it a coincidence that the French live long lives? The French also eat with silver plateware. Paul Revere was a silver smith. Wine has antioxidants from the grapes and tastes best from silver cups.

The vets have found that some genetic issues are a mineral deficiency that allows for the bad genes to turn on and can be turned back off with supplementation. Adding the essential 90 minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

If a hereditary problem worsens bad genes being activated strongly suggests deficiency that can be reversed.

It's a bit expensive but that Beyond Tangy tangerine contains all the essential vitamins, amino acids and 60 bio available minerals. Walnuts and purslane added to salads for Omega-3 essential fatty acids and finally some protein.

If ya'll are like me, I'm thinking I'm not getting any younger and I had better find an inexpensive and sustainable way to maximize my lifetime.

I've been talking with my octogenarian friends to hear what the recall. This is all knowledge we have lost. Or it is just hidden in plain sight. Some clay is mineral rich.

In the movie the Old Rose was throwing a clay pot when she heard news of the discovery of the Titanic. I don't know any potters, yet.

Mostly I am just thinking onto the screen and sharing these thought with ya'll. If anything here proves useful, just pay it forward.

If you discover any possible connections I would be pleased to see them.

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Live long an prosper! One down, one to go.

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