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Ya.... I know of the Mises

Ya.... I know of the Mises institute. And it's good that he has that, but as a person, I think he's sub-par. He had almost ZERO success in promoting libertarian ideas until Ron Paul came along in 2008. His strategies have been one failure after another after another to get the message out. And I think it's in part because the guy's a jerk. Libertarians have a personality problem... Too many libertarians are cynical, arrogant and aggressive when they discuss their ideas ( example: Peter Schiff/Lew Rockwell). Even my personal favourite, Nick Gillespie comes across as arrogant at times. But he's so funny and smart that it's a "wash". We need more people like Andrew Napolitano who know how to talk to people like a human beings! I think the reason for this is decades and decades of libertarian thought being pushed to the fringes and therefore many of the people who labeled themselves as libertarians were a bit "fringe" themselves. I think it's changing in a big way since Ron Paul took the stage, but it's going to take some time until we have surrogates and pundits who push for libertarian causes AND have nice friendly personalities. Libertarians have always just "preached to the choir". We need to convince people who are not in line with our ideas, and that's when a friendly face makes all the difference.