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fucking idiots

So many douches speak with out thinking, my sentence is correct on all forms, your mind is fucked with bull shit.

Im an American you twat, EUROPA is from Greek Mythology and is a MOON of JUPITER, but being the dumb fuck scholar you are you read blogs and spout nothing.

yes Ronny boy knew the game before he played it so he should end strong, Libertarian is my expertise, and my opinion suggest such, its not a form of government dip shit an opinion. "Surrender to Hitler" what the fuck are you sniffing Einstein?!

Austrian economics is Ron Pauls principles you spout, which are not AMERICAN its HUMAN. Heres a reading list dip shit go get educated then talk to me twat

Leon Battista Alberti

Francis Bacon

Johannes Kepler

René Descartes

Robert Boyle

Robert Hooke

John Locke

Isaac Newton

Adam Smith

THE FOUNDING FATHERS (Thomas Jefferson and Madison to be more accurate)

Frédéric Bastiat

Carl Menger

Eugen Ritter von Böhm-Bawerk

Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser

Ludwig von Mises

Friedrich Hayek

Murray Rothbard

Liberty has a long and hard journey these are some of those who contributed significantly, its basically a renaissance man