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Watch these videos on 3-D Plastics as well See also text below.

For those that do not understand what the poster is expressing.

Here are some videos (also read text below links):

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AR - 15From Metal:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

And another:

Cad programs (Autodesk) and plastics (OR METAL) machines allow anyone with the software and the plastics machine that forms plastics (OR METAL) into ANY 3-D Design.

This includes ARMS, Weapons of any type, i.e. rockets, grenades, bombs, guns, etc.etc...

You enter the design, and out comes a plastic production piece.

With present Plastics Strengths, an INSTANT WEAPON can be produced.

In other words, an unarmed populous can with a number of these machines and software, can quickly arm themselves... and as well, in a covert action, discard the weapon by melting it down.

Those that have the ability should begin practicing the art of 3-D Weaponry construction; and the ability to begin small and large scale production on a moments notice.

Along with that, begin working on how to conceal your work and workplace and activities, so that your day to day activities will seem normal; A machine that is sitting on a workbench can be viewed as something unusual to someone using infrared to view inside your house; But a machine behind a false wall inside a refrigerator, could easily be discarded;

Tunnels in the middle of the house can be viewed as very suspicious, but foundation walls are common. Trucks with quickly assembled false walls or floors can provide mobility to operate machinery and move products.

Scents can fool dogs trained to look for plastics, metal and gun powder, etc. Start collecting such information.

Learn codes and code sending methods that you can easily employ that will look like normal day to day tasks for YOUR situation.

Dress Normal, if you start walking around in camo, thats a dead give away. Camouflage doesn't work against infrared scopes anyway. i.e. they will not only be able to pick you out as a militant, they will see you anyway and pick you off! So stealth means acting in a plain usual way.

Regarding heat profile, "Acrylic" DOES block heat, and can keep infrared from detecting it. It doesn't take too much Acrylic to help shield or block heat waves that infrared uses to detect heat, just make sure the acrylic doesn't get hot itself...adequate fans for air circulation. Google Infrared, Acrylic, and Night vision.

Infrared scopes are available but expensive; *** This is Something else CAD printing would be good to begin developing designs for constructing! But if you can afford it, buy one! Infrared beats Night Vision 100 to 1. both or a combo unit would be good.

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