Comment: I just realized legalize has been duped to make johnson look bad

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I just realized legalize has been duped to make johnson look bad

Somebody he closely associates with has him believing that spamming pro johnson news as we get closer to the rnc - will somehow be a benefit for johnson.
Its not.
This is akin to going into a life or death surgury in 10 days and you may not make it but you are trying to remain optimistic- while your own children fight over the Will and drag you into the conversation.
Legalize is doing that.
And what comes of it?
It doesn't help Paul. And it certainly doesn't help johnson with all this negative PR. You know the johnson campaign staff obviously wants his name kept out of the fray until we see what happens in tampa (which he has stated several times as to not ruffle the feathers of paul supporters like us who can be ruffled.)

Just whose side is legalize on, anyway? It aint johnson. Somebody is playing the good spirits and passions of legalize and using it to cause these distractions. I'd bet its the same close inner friends who convinced nystrom to change the theme of this website and fade out the paul icon. Perhaps friendly paying subscribers are the ones causing the provocations. All they need to do is go back and revisit whichever thought allowed them to steer off course and look to see how they came under that influence. They will find they are very close friends who are none other than your agent provocatuer.