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really Dec 16th 2008 (really like November after the elections) and Dpers, disenfranchised old world dems, a group of Palin supporters called team palin all banded together whether you realize it or not and held rally's in cities with only about 100 people in attendance each across the nation..... It's documented and it wasn't Paul supporters idea anyway. Hate to burst your bubble.

Why those 3 unlikely groups? Because no one was listening and we all needed to come together regardless. The disenfranchised felt they needed to teach the Rpers and the TPers how to fight.. They first used real Tea bags but nixed it cause the cities complained that they were polluting so they sent the tea bags to congresss peeps in the mail. There is a whole long story to it and the rules were in place but once Bachmann was allowed to join it became infiltrated.....It was taken over by the neo-cons via the press and their meme that it was a Republican group when it was not.....

But's old news...move on

Keepin' it real.