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I can tell you the LP and LPNH shoot themselves in the foot -- often.
People are tired of dealing with them and their short-sightedness, lack of cohesion, infighting over petty things, and tests of purity.

For exampe, if the LPNH must be so petty that they cannot endorse Ron Paul, and would even castigate hard working people for doing things like merely posting a Paul event on their mailing list (which was not an endorsement but merely an announcement) then they are not being sensible.

I mean come on -- supporting George Phillies instead of Ron Paul? You have to be kidding. We all know how hard it is to put an L on the ballot, so Ron is serving and running as an R. He has taken lemons and made lemonade.

Ron Paul is a gift from God, who happens to be an R, but who is a libertarian and who happens to be in the right place. It's not his responsibility to bring people to the LP.

If the LP throws this opportunity away, all because of a LETTER, they are not worth it. After all, isn't that just what they see as wrong -- that we must have letter designations of two parties or even three? But now they can't seem to see past that themselves.

If Michael Badnarik could stand up at the NH Liberty Forum in Feb and support Ron Paul then so can all of the LP. He even then attended the first fundraiser that followed.

Smart man. The letter R did not seem to bother him much.
If you are going to put a letter over an opportunity you are not very smart.
If you want to be the party of principle, then SHOW SOME!

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