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The Tea Party as it has been co-opted today was started by Ron Paul Supporters on Dec 16th, 2007 on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.
It wasn't per say by designed to set of a "Tea Party" branch, coalition, or anything else other than REPEAT what the Ron-Paul-Supporters had invented as the MONEYBOMB to raise money for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

This was to repeat the success of the first ever MONEYBOMB which was on NOV 5th, 2007, based on the Gun Powder Treason movie "V for Vendetta" which raised 4.3 million dollars online on a single day(the month before).

Following the success, and the media coverage, a new date was picked which was the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This happened simultaneously through out the country. I know this because i was there, even the local bar that we gathered created the Ron Paul Drink.

Sure enough, the media at first ridiculed and made fun of kooky people etc, but when they found that people were not buying it, started giving the credit to Palin and made her the figure head of the Tea Party.

By its very nature the Tea Party did not even have a leader, as though a day would have a figure head. But the media wanted to disenfranchise Ron Paul's success and people flocking to him. So they co-opted and started labeling it the Tea Party movement and gave credit to Palin. So more and more people started flocking to Palin. She was invited to give speeches & interviews - often introduced as the darling of the Tea Party and never clarified the truth but continued to skewer the efforts of the people bringing grievances about their government.
As you can continue to see, she continues to do so through her support to defeat actual grassroots Constitutional candidates. So long as they give her time on air, she is willing to run her mouth. She could have very easily made a difference in this election with regards to the true "Tea Party" support by supporting Ron Paul, but she didn't - EVER! Even in south carolina, she said something to the effect that "she does like to tell people who to vote for but if it was me, I would support Newt" She is a look-at-me scumbag.