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Comment: OK.... I'll reword what I

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OK.... I'll reword what I

OK.... I'll reword what I said. We don't need more intellectuals. We need more TV and media personalities.
It's just marketing. I hate saying it... But we need someone good-looking, funny and knows how to explain libertarian ideas in a way that normal people (i.e. democrats/republicans/sheep) can understand.

Peter Schiff is good for me. But not for someone who only agrees with good-looking nice people. In my experience you convince people NOT only through logic (which is unfortunate) but through a combination of logic and very importantly... empathy and personality. Peter Schiff is far too load and aggressive. He's RIGHT... and I like listening to him, but he always gets in people's faces. We do the same thing here at the Daily Paul all the time. "Stupid neo-con jerk!!!", "sheeple", "warmonger" etc... How many times have you seen those comments posted? It's ok here on the Daily Paul where we can vent/bitch and complain to ourselves about the situation, but the movement in general needs to turn a corner. For 5 years now it's been a bunch of angry people screaming loudly. Not that we've got their attention, we need to be a little "softer" with our message.