Comment: OK... I just read all of the

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OK... I just read all of the

OK... I just read all of the links you left. Seems like the libertarian movement has been full of wierdo personalities for decades. So I'm kind of right.... I didn't realize that Rothbard argues that we shouldn't have entered WW2. That's almost offensive. There was a declaration of war, the Axis attacked at Pearl Harbor, Hitler was slaughtering millions of people and invading the whole of Europe. The fact that the guys at Mises actually admire Rothbard for making that argument is disturbing to me. I can totally understand why the guys at CATO wanted the crazy, old, inflexible, high-maintenance and probably going somewhat senile intellectual out of their association. Problem is that "libertarians" don't really have a platform. I would be PISSED if Ron Paul had come out and said something like "we want to privatize the police department and the court systems" because that's SO extreme that it turns everybody off, even if he's sincere. You keep that to yourself! I don't agree with Ron Paul on the issue of abortion. I think it's the choice of the woman, but I wouldn't publish a letter signed by other libertarians disavowing his statements as Rothbard did to his friend who came out against nuclear energy. I am equally disgusted however by the current actions of reason and Cato. We should all be supporting each other. The guys at the Ayn Rand instate, the guys at Mises, the guys at Cato, John Stossel, the Judge etc... But why can't libertarians get together instead of always criticizing the other for not being "pure" enough.