Comment: OK - I got an answer from someone

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OK - I got an answer from someone

Not my senator - but still a good source.

While 174000 rounds seems like a lot - it really isn't. Most of those carrying weapons for official duty are required to rotate ammunition(presumabley they are to use the old ammunition for practice and qualifying)on a regular basis - this makes sense. WHY the SSA - well - because in some offices they may have armed guards to protect the workers. I can see this as plausible in dowtown LA, Philly etc(how many people probably think they actually have money in the offices). When you break the numbers down- it is only enough ammo for about 500 security guards(assuming about 300 rounds per year for practice and qualifying plus what is kept in the safe - which is really a low number).

What we need to do is verify if in fact many offices DO have armed security.