Comment: The IRS Income Tax is 100% 'abridged contact' ...voluntary!!

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The IRS Income Tax is 100% 'abridged contact' ...voluntary!!

Ron Paul does not have to prove he has paid the IRS a penny, if he never signed any contract with them to start with!

IRS can only collect full income tax returns from those who are willingly apart of and on file with IRS deceptive 'rights to work' program which is always hidden in certain employer's W4s.

If you did not sign these forms, and have not paid the IRS before you have no obligation to hand over to the IRS one single red cent. Ever.

In fact, you may be entitled to sue the IRS for fraud if enough of you gather into one union. Churches should join together and sue the entire IRS for fraud!

There is not even one constitutional law to the IRS basis, they are just allowed to communisticly extract the income tax if you have already previously signed their deceptive forms. If you have already paid into the income tax, they got you. You are liable and 90% of the time they can and will take your funds. If you have not paid into it, you're not liable; so DON'T pay into it, learn your rights of Trial by Jury and learn why Ron Paul is not obligated to pay the IRS anything. If he exempted himself from certain disclosure when running for office, avoided a pension, no paperwork, then he may not have ANY taxes on file with the IRS. Learn and take back the law.