Comment: Paying the income tax is voluntary UNLESS

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Paying the income tax is voluntary UNLESS

you work for the federal government. The income tax IS CONSTITUTIONAL because it is voluntary. It is not a direct tax, but an excise tax. Because working for the federal government is considered to be a privilege, federal workers must pay the income tax. We private sector workers volunteer to pay it by putting any amount in the "wages" row on form 1040 at the end of the year. You must pay the income tax if you declare your private sector earnings as "wages". I applaud anyone who legally and properly doesn't pay income tax because they do not support the unconstitutional things the government (or Fed?) does with our money. I post this for a couple reasons. One, to spread the word, and two because my personal opinion is that this RP tax issue is a non-issue. The only reason, again in my opinion, for addressing disclosure of the returns is because the public at large doesn't understand these things, and it could help sink Romney (maybe) if RP is clean and if Romney has to withdrawal for non-payment of taxes or some such (maybe not likely, but worth a shot). Go here to read my explanation of the voluntary income tax. I am not an attorney and am not offering legal tax advise. I am giving information about a book and a website that lays it all out in irrefutable and undeniable and simple terms.

Paying the income tax is VOLUNTARY!

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