Comment: Can you blame them?

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Can you blame them?

And the one question we need to ask ourselves is who would this war be directed against, if it comes to libertarians, militias, and constitutionalists, andfolks who are starving and fed up, it would be a war against the government. We have trillions of variety of guns and bullets, citizens own 50 cal.machine guns and 50 cal barret sniper rifles, acr rifles, shredder, flechette shots, grenade launchers, flame throwers for gods sakes, what would you do if you knew more than 100 million people want real change and are armed, don't doubt for once the people wont get access to heavy equipment from a large faction of the military who'd tell the government to fuck themselves for asking them to fire upon civilians, seriously tell most men to shoot their families, the military would split for sure, you will see tank vs tank, ship vs ship, but i wonder where would all the support come from when many in the navy and army defy them. many will die but that the fact that these guys are arming themselves show that theyre losing this, its not Nazi Germany anymore, they don't have money or the support like hitler did, HITLER had the support of His nation behind him, they loved him!, IT WILL GET MESSY QUICKLY, the only danger I fear is if it goes nuclear, the international community may step in to stop that, because they don't want this to happen, it would spread, they want to trade, but if the cooler heads in other countries will see that the US government isn't a benefit anymore to their economy, I don't see how they can be for most, BRIC won't support them, ( I can personally see Russia wishing to arm the citizens), so many there are waiting for our ppl to overthrow the US government, and NATO is not allowed to intervene their own grounds, What definitely will happen is the concept of the United States would cease to exist, there will be many many factions fighting one another, maybe not now though, amazingly I see the states aligning themselves against Washington more and more, even ppl who are sleeping would call upon arms once they see their families being bombed, and how would the dhs and these agencies keep paying and feeding their soldiers?, what do they expect to win a war against hunters, marksmen, ex specialist soldiers who know their country's terrain?, the soldiers know their own military's arsenal's flaws, IEDs can take out even the most heavily armed tanks,. Look at the wars in Afganistan and Iraq and you tell me, Afgans have been kicking foreigners for a long time out of their nation for a while now