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Sorry for the delay, but here is the info...

"...we scrapped our plans for a sign wave at Tropicana because there is not going to be any place anywhere near Tropicana Field to do it.

We’ve spent countless hours in communication with the Secret Service and the St. Petersburg police trying to work something out, but it’s just not going to happen.

The Secret Service has an iron tight security perimeter around the Tropicana and nobody is getting anywhere near it. There will be a number of streets completely shut down all the way around the grounds, and then some. On top of the streets the Secret Service has closed, the St. Petersburg police are putting barriers on nearby streets, outside of the Secret Service perimeter, to control the flow of foot and car traffic.

Bottom line, there was NO PLACE RP supporters could line the street along the route that RP and the delegate buses would be taking that is anywhere near the Tropicana, so we scrapped it and opted to instead have supporters line the exit route RP and the delegates will take from the Dome."

So maybe an organised wave outside the event is out, but liberty supporters are resourceful and there are a lot of spaces in between,

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