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does your state count

does your state count write-ins? if not your wasting your time. I will be voting Ron Paul if he is the gop nominee but in colorado they will not count write-ins unless your on the official ballot ,deadline was july 19th. I will be supporting gary if ron paul is not on the ballot. If that is not good enough for you. you are more then welcome to become a precinct captain where i live and do all the work i did sweeping our district for ron paul. your better off playing ps 3 then writing in a vote they never count. you should call your state elections board before you waste your time.

so what your saying is you do not want a big tent and that your no different then the gop establishment who says exactly what you say about ron paul. you are starting to sound like the very gop we all despise. everyone bashing gary sounds exactly like the neo-cons that say ron paul should leave the gop.

Ron Paul 2016