Comment: They're behaving just like the system conditioned them to

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They're behaving just like the system conditioned them to

They are trying to sell this Revolution as something seen in the past, with mass unrest leading to violence. However, those of us who understand that this is not just another revolution but also an Evolution in out consciousness. Prior revolutions have been contained within their country's borders but this revolution is GLOBAL. Thanks in large part to the internet, we as human beings have pierced the veil and see that we have been manipulated on a global level—This FACT alone is reason enough for the stocking of ammo.

What they do not understand, due to their conditioning, is that this is a revolution of Peace and one of Love for all people. Yes, even the ones who have been screwing us for centuries. We cannot fight fire with fire, stop violence with violence.

THEY want to PERPETUATE the violence which is why they are preparing this way. Evil must be perpetuated for Love has a natural momentum needless of any imposed force. So just chalk this up to more fear induced perpetuation of a reality we now see through. Do not give in to their manipulation to drive you out into the streets right where they want you—in front of their guns.

We are creative, inspired and motivated people that can affect far more positive change than THEY could ever suppress. IT'S OVER FOR THEM AND THEY KNOW IT!

Be the light to their darkness.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin