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fuck you, hows that........

how is that for some education, you have shown you are an idiot, Im an AMERICAN dumb shit EUROPA is Greek Mythology and a frozen moon of must be a reader?

Intellect is not blind faith, he was great to me now he is not, for empirical data being revised and his actions not his SPEECH.

Here is where you totally show youre a dumb ass, who is Ludwig Von Mises?

if you cant answer that you should go ahead and jump in front of traffic because, he is RON PAULS HERO and the TEACHER OF HIS PRINCIPLES you TWAT

Wall street what???

I shout at sheep and animals you have fit the role ape

Credibility is in history economics and politics your blind" I love Ronny no matter what" doesnt count for shit use empirical and I'll stop SHOUTING at your DUMB POSITIONS