Comment: They are probably expecting a lot of angry people

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They are probably expecting a lot of angry people

who have paid to become SLAVES to DEPENDENCY and Usurped Authority.

They best watch their arses.

If you can get your hands on 'The Crimes of the Civil War; and the Curse of the Funding System' by Henry Clay Dean, do it.

Dean was a Copperhead Democrat prior to, during, and after the Civil War and his book is about how Central Bankers and the Media that THEY OWNED pushed the United States into Civil War for PROFIT.

The Central Bankers of the World (Federal Reserve here) have little other choice than to cause a major catastrophe to divert attention away from their 100 year theft from those who us Federal Reserve Notes.

If they allow an Audit to occur they will LOSE EVERYTHING and their safety will be in question. If they get a few wars going and a civil one here at home, they stand a chance of losing a lot, but get the opportunity to rebuild their empire.

Do not forget who created this mess. The Central Bankers, Big Business, and Big Government. They must not be allowed to get away with mass murder.