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implied Libertarian philosophy of self sustainability NULLIFICATION 10th amendment states rights, I'M in CA as well and the FEDS have RAIDED and imprisoned CA individuals its not if, only when the FEDS come to your door especially as the economy gets worse, and yes I voted prop 215 SB 420 so thank me now if you'd like.

To use a time frame of 1972 as Libertarian is very disingenuous, and lacking the knowledge and historical relevance.LIBERTY is a timeless struggle each generation has to fight to preserve, and in our case take back

The founding Fathers and the Constitution are LIBERTARIAN in PHILOSOPHY the LP party was set up after generations of collectivism, to say Libertarian in this country as a party shows how far the gatekeeper have wiped history from the books, every American should be assumed as a Libertarian and the parties are different factions, now we are a collectivist statist nation and have to have a LP party that a system has designed to hold down.

I have followed and fought for Paul since 2006, and Im a registered Republican again you are wrong. youd rather assume and judge than asking questions and finding my positions, instead of making it up on the fly as rhetorical rhetoric.

Gary Johnson is a half wit pseudo , but he seems to get the gist of Libertarianism, seems like a honest mans and he is DEFINITELY RUNNING FOR PRES, where my mentor at one point failed me and didnt finish strong now we sit and wait for delegates who have to sue and literally fight statist Neo Con's then if they manage to win that, powers that be will squash that.