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My assessment of the situation

If Rand were not the son of Ron Paul, our expectations would have been low and he would have exceeded them to our pleasant surprise. He is better by far than any other U.S. senator. That said, if he were not Ron's son, he probably would never have gotten elected.

As it stands, we all expected him to be a younger version of Ron Paul. We held him to a very high standard. He has fallen short. For whatever reasons, he is either unwilling or unable to buck the Republican establishment at a time when doing so is entirely necessary and proper. His voting record, which is quite good, does not excuse his propagandizing for big-spending, war-mongering tyrants, Romney and Ryan. He is flat-out deceiving in his statement about Ryan.

That said, I do believe Rand is well-intentioned. It is not easy to do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the wrong thing. It is not easy to resist peer pressure. It is not easy to face ridicule and accusations of disloyalty. It is not easy to be a pariah. All the temptation in politics is toward corruption. Go along to get along. Give up your principles, if you have any. It'll only hurt a moment, and the worldly rewards will be great.

Ron Paul is a man of rare strength, integrity and perseverance. He stood alone for 30 years. He was never assimilated into the political system. How many others can you say that about? That's how hard it is. Rand Paul is probably doing the best he can. He might not be cut out for the fight.

All told, if Rand Paul continues on this path, it really doesn't change anything for us. What's one more status-quo politician? We're under no obligation to follow him over the cliff because his last name is Paul. If we do that, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

I have no faith in politics to change things for the better. Ron Paul is right that the politics reflects the character of the people. But if we must have an advocate in the political system, let's look beyond Rand Paul. Maybe Tom Woods or Judge Napolitano can be drafted. Or perhaps Ben Swann. These are people who share our values as well as being articulate, charismatic and experienced at making the case for liberty.