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No, Sean Haugh's views are not "typical" of LP members

Libertarian Party members should embrace Ron Paul's Presidential campaign, and most are. I say that from first-hand experience. I am currently on the Executive Committee of the LP of Alabama, am a former state party chair, and have a long history with the LP, including campaigning for Ron Paul in 1988. I am very supportive of Dr. Paul's current campaign, as are most of the most active LP members in my state.

The Ron Paul campaign is a huge windfall for the LP, a former LP presidential candidate lighting a fire among thousands of newfound libertarians and once active but recently discouraged, inactive Libertarian Party members. I think the mistake being made by a few LP members is in not realizing how well Ron Paul is doing and underestimating his chance of making history in the coming months. They just haven't yet caught on to what is happening.

We do need to beat down defeatist talk from any quarter. If someone starts to say something about this being a chance to "send a message" immediately give them a major rebuttal. Don't alienate them, but unleash a major stream of facts, logic, and emotion -- no uncertain terms about the result you expect to see and to bring about.