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NO Thank you

I began working on Prop 215 in 1993 with Steve Kubby and others, collected over 10K signatures, it did not pass in 94.. in 96 I moved we scratch the word marijuaan as it is a slang word, we didn't, I dropped, Prop 215 passed 56%, "I ate crow", until a few months later most everyone was busted with 10 years mandatorys (I attended court cases in 7 counties) Steve Kubby ran to Canada. Prop 215 is poorly written and why we still have issues.

Jack Herer and several of us came up with CA Cannabis Health and Hemp Innative that decriminalized ALL cannabis.. Jack passed 4/20/ 08 (I miss my friend). I have worked hard on this issue, despite my being a cannabis industrial hemp activist.. and the medical marijuana issue has derailed MY OWN interest, it's heavily abused by those who want it recreationalized and won't work WORK on new inniatives due to greed and fear.

Steven Kubby is just one Libertarian friend (joined my Ron Paul meetup even though he was running for LP nomination in 08) the LP pushed him aside for Bob Barr. And now they give you another Republican. It's not right!!! LP wants to remain marginalized.

Ron Paul gave LP members an opportunity to go mainstream in an empty GOP, most refused. Again, the LP wants to remain marginalized. I have a long record of being an activist and I'm very grateful to RP for giving ALL of us an invitation to actually get our issues materialized.

Apparently most LP don't get it. Their mistake. Not RP's. Not mine.

I will get more done with my committee seat than the LP combined in the next two years THANKS to RP. Romeny is the least of my concerns.

You are the one calling me names and making judgements AGAINST me. Since you are registered GOP why not get a committee seat and join us rather than waste your time, money and efforts on someone who is running to lose? Ron Paul Republicans ARE THE FUTURE.. GJ Liberatians are NOT. And YES that is MY judgement. GJ will top 3%.

I'm way past LP philosphy (being I joined in 76). I'm not into this to debate philosophy. I'm in this to materialize Ron Paul's message.

As for mendo, Sheriff Allman is a constitutional Sheriff, a Ron Paul supporter, and REPUBLICAN. LP has less than 100 registered voters, no committee, and no way to get Ron Paul's or GJ's message materialized. Even Roseanne Barr took twice as many votes as GJ. That's how bad it is. As NOR CAL RP campaign leader, my district (4 counties) achieved more votes for Ron Paul in CA than the entire state, Santa Cruz was #1/ 25%, San Fran #2/ 29% Mendo #3/ nearly 19%, Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity all upper 14%. I'm still working with the Ron Paul campaign (the adverage in CA was 8%). Don't bother thanking me, I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for me. THANK RP and Rand, THEY are my political leaders. And yes, I chose to have leaders as I don't know it all. I just share what I learn and encourage others with the truth I've found by doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.